The Swedish Chef is in the House with another all-time favorite recipe.. Jordgubbstårta. This is a Swedish midsummer cake.

Prepare ingredients and preheat oven to 180C. For the base cake  you will need : 2cups cake flour mix with 2 tbsp baking powder , 2cups sugar , 4 eggs, 2 tsps of butter , 2 tsps of bread crumbs.

In a bowl,  beat eggs until light. Gradually put in sugar and continue beating. Fold in the flour mixture until batter is of smooth consistency. Generously grease with butter your 10 inch cake tin. Sprinkle bread crumbs on the tin, making sure all sides and bottom surface of cake tin is covered.  


Pour mixture and bake for 45 minutes or until golden brown and toothpick comes out clean.  Let cool before placing in wire  rack.


Next step is to make the strawberry topping. You will need  2 cups strawberries , 3 cups whipping cream, 3 tbsp sugar , and 1/2 cup vanilla custard ( I used premium French vanilla custard)


Slice 1 cup of strawberries. Set aside for cake topping. Chop and dice the rest of the strawberries. Set aside.

Whisk cream and sugar until frothy.  In a separate bowl, mix the chopped strawberries and 1 cup of whipped cream.

Now let’s assemble the Jordgubbstårta.  Slice cake into three layers. This may be a little tricky and messy layering the cake. Some suggested using a long thin knife to slice the layers, or use thread around the cake and the layers come out neatly. If you know an easier way to layer a cake, let me know.

ImageNo worries if layers are not perfectly even. Whatever technique you use to slice it, your cake will still turn out to be irresistible once plated.

Now back to our cake.. First prepare bottom layer, then generously spread vanilla custard. Place the second layer on top of vanilla layer. 

Spread the strawberry whipped cream on the second layer. Place the top layer on top of strawberry cream. Use the remaining whipped cream to generously cover the whole cake.

frosting the Jordgubbstårta

 Arrange strawberry slices on top of the cake.

a delicious Jordgubbstårta

Didn’t I tell you it will still turn out irresistible? Who would have thought we struggled with the layering?

This is why the Swedish Chef loves Jordgubbstårta. It’s his birthday cake and he always gets the biggest slice in the house. Yum!