The Swedish Chef is in Paradise

old town Hallstatt 331

“I love the mountains. There is something about the’s just the feeling. I can’t really explan why.” The Swedish Chef said, while  gazing at the green silhouette of the majestic Alps mountains.

First time he was here was fifty-two years ago. And for this trip, we made sure we visit this little village again. This paradise, called Hallstatt, is an idyllic place. Visitors and locals are welcomed with breathtaking view of fairytale houses, impressive Alps mountains and the serene Lake Hallstatt.

What you read about Hallstatt is never enough to describe the real magic of being there. The experience can never be contained in one or two blogs or a hundred photos. With all its historic houses, cobblestones and manhole plates  I have inscribed this travel in my heart and mind to treasure until the next time we visit Hallstatt again. Or maybe Not.





The Schnitzel

The Swedish Chef is suffereing from a very bad back ache today and had to rest and stay in the room. So we decided to order for in-room dining.  There will be no morning walks today.

SC : Good afternoon, I would like to order lunch.
Let’s start with the bread basket – croissant, muffins and ensaimada.

“And I want Wiener schnitzel with french fries.”

Room Service: “So sir you want pizza?”

SC: “No! not the pizza, the schintzel.”

Room Service : “Yes sir pizza.”

SC: “No! Not the pizza, the Schnitzel” bellowed the Swedish Chef in frustration.                 The Swedish chef’s Wifie leaned over and whispered, “Spell it out for them, S-C-H-N..”

SC: “No! Not pizza, the Schnitzel. No! not AND fries, but WITH Fries.” THe Swedish Chef rolled his eyes in exasperation.  “Can you please repeat our order so I know you got it right?”

The Swedish Chef patiently listened as the Room Service Operator repeats the order.   “Yes that seems correct. Thank you.” as he hangs up the phone with a sigh.

After a few seconds the phone rang and someone on the other line confirms our order. “Yes .. I ordered Weiner Schnitzel. You spelled it wrong on the menu as werner schnitzel, you know that don’t you? ”

“It should be Weiner Schnitzel. not skitsel. not schitchel. and definitely not pizza.”

Sniffing and scurrying back to my corner, I waited for that knock on the door. “Either it’s a schintzel or a pizza it will always look good in my bowl.” 


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