Köttfärslimpan lindad i Bacon

Normally he’s quiet, but today he burst out and said, “I will make another perfect dish!”

I don’t think I remember a day when there is not a perfect dish at all from the Swedish Chef. And from all the dishes we’ve plated, I have come to notice something– it’s all delicious. I wonder what he is cooking today?

” Köttfärslimpan lindad i Bacon! And I put parsley into the mix, with onions, breadcrumbs, egg and cream..” he continued savoring the thoughts of his well prepared dish. While I have not even started with the ingredients, he already has a vivid image of how it is going to look and taste.

“Then I will form the loaf of minced meat, and wrap it into the bacon, and then into the ugn* ( translation oven )”

I looked around to see if he was talking to someone else. There is no one around but me. So those unbounded thoughts on the next perfect dish must have been directed to me.

“Okay I need to pay attention here or I miss a thing,” said I to myself. Köttfärslimpan lindad i Bacon is Meatloaf wrapped in bacon.

“So make the mix, then add to the minced beef and make a loaf,” said the Swedish Chef quite contentedly.

From his kitchen I can almost hear everything coming alive. Those ingredients started transforming as soon as they touch each other in the mixing bowl. It has become an animated kitchen once again. I see Steely Knife chopping on the board,  Shiny Pan sliding on the stove, the Humongous Fridge welcoming the hand, Mincely New Zealand beef ready to be wrapped, and Strippy Bacon awaiting fusion with Earthy Mushroom slices. IMAG0166 IMAG0165

“Put mushrooms on top, then cover by bacon and put in 200 degrees oven for 45 min. Got that? ” said the Swedish Chef. I gave him a quick nod that I understood.IMAG0167

Köttfärslimpan lindad i Bacon

Köttfärslimpan lindad i Bacon

Köttfärslimpan lindad i Bacon

Köttfärslimpan lindad i Bacon

“Do I tie it or cover it with foil?” I asked.

“No no no! Use your hands and dump it in a baking dish.”

“Place it in a baking dish and bake in the oven, you mean?” I have to be very sure of the next step and not confuse dump into throwing out as refuse.

“No no no! Not in this kitchen. Dump in the bowl and into the oven. Humpf,” explained the Swedish Chef as he left the kitchen.

“Seasoning?” I called out.

“Salt and pepper. Nothing more. The parsley, bacon and mushrooms gives taste. Forty five minutes and it should be ready by midnight,”  he echoed back.

Forty five minutes? Did I hear him right this time? That’s almost an hour. Patience is another ingredient I will have to add to this dish.

I am not really mindful of time when the Swedish Chef is cooking. Everything goes too fast I don’t even notice time except the aroma of what is cooking. I think  it was after thirty minutes or so I think it was.

“Let me go and check how it looks. And I will make the mashed potatoes as potato burgers I think,” said the Swedish Chef.

“Ohhh the smell..I am hungrig!” I heard him say.

“Ten more minutes,” he said as he takes a last check in the oven. Now we are getting close to plating the perfect dish. I stood up and went to the kitchen to see how it’s going. That’s just enough time for me to go help and set the table too.

Köttfärslimpan lindad i Bacon

Köttfärslimpan lindad i Bacon

“Food done . With my new invention Köttfärslimpan lindad i Bacon, potato burgers and Tartare Cheese that is worth a big burp. Perfect!”

Köttfärslimpan lindad i Bacon

Köttfärslimpan lindad i Bacon

Now ain’t that something! I think I will call this the Swedish Chef’s Big Burp Meatloaf. A big serving for a very hungrig Swedish Chef.  

For now I park my pen and take my fork instead. Now do I still need to rewrite the recipe? Let me know and I’ll get back to my task. 


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